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Flow Recorders
MODEL 100EL & 100AF

Model 100EL The Meter-Master Model 100EL offers a simple, universal solution for portable flow recording from existing meter installations. The instrument is compatible with Sensus, Neptune, Badger, Hersey, ABB, Precision, Master Meter, Water Specialties, and other meters worldwide. The Model 100EL uses a patented, strap-on magnetic sensor to digitize a meter’s highly accurate magnetic drive signal without any meter alteration or service interruption. The Model 100EL & 100AF feature a rocker switch design for easy on/off field operation, a flashing LED for on-site accuracy verification, at least 3 months of battery life on each charge (Model 100EL), and Windows software for powerful report/graph generation.

Model 100EL Memory capacity for continuous recording ranges from 7.5 days using a 5 second data storage interval to 3 months using a 60 second data storage interval. Recording automatically stops when the memory is used up; the recorder will not overwrite.

Summary graph of demand data With the Model 100EL, two internal, rechargeable batteries provide approximately 3-4 months of battery life on each charge; much longer continuous operation is available through external battery or AC operation. The unit automatically stops recording and powers down when batteries are low to preserve recorded data and avoid battery damage. The Model 100AF uses a nonrechargeable lithium battery pack for long-term, continuous field operation.

Detailed graph of demand data The flow data from the meter is logged into memory for later downloading and analysis on your PC. The easy-to-use Model 100 Program software verifies the accuracy of downloaded data by comparing the total volume of water registered by the water meter during the recording period to the total volume of water recorded by the Meter-Master. The Model 100 Program functions with all Meter-Master recorders and provides a variety of report and graph options. Data may also be exported to the MeterSizer program, the Trace Wizard end-use recognition program, and other widely used software, such as Excel® and Word®. The Meter-Master software also offers a real-time 3-D graphic display of the current flow through a meter. New meters can be added easily to the database by the user at any time so that they appear as standard meter options.

Model 100EL All Meter-Master products are durably built for long, accurate service in accordance with military quality standards. Each unit is manufactured at our factory and shipped ready for operation with a 2 year parts and service warranty.


  • Size: 8.6" x 5.4" x 2.1" (225 mm x 139 mm x 54 mm).
  • Data Storage Capacity ranges from 7.5 days (5 sec. resolution) to 90 days (60 sec. resolution); 130,000+ intervals.
  • Model 100EL Battery life (internal): 3+ months before recharging.
  • Capacity to make 20 records before downloading.
  • Approximately 1200 different pre-programmed meter options.
  • Flashing LED verifies recording accuracy based on preset meter selections.
  • Software verifies data accuracy by comparing Meter-Master volume to register volume.
  • Realtime Display: 3-D graphic display of flow when connected to PC.
  • AccuRate Software improves data accuracy with slow pulsing meters.
  • Units of Measure supported: gallons, cubic feet, cubic metres, litres, and imperial gallons.
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